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British marine lighting specialists launch new products and ‘ease of installation’ solutions
March 12th 2015 : Sevenoaks, Kent, United Kingdom -   Underwater Lights Limited announce new products combined with advanced techniques for ‘retro’ installation, giving shipbuilders and boat owners yet more opportunities to illuminate their vessels. Over the winter a 100 and 160 metre Superyachts have been upgraded to the high powered Retro underwater lights without hauling the boats from the water.
The innovative British company also filmed their RGBW lights on a yacht in an exciting high speed video, shot from a helicopter! SEE: HERE
With retro-fit installation older metal halide lights (including those of competitor brands in GRP hulls) can now be upgraded to the latest hi-powered or colored lighting, bringing these vessels up to date with the very latest technology.
With a 19,000 lumens output, the company’s new hi-powered bright white LED is the most brilliant LED on the market, giving unsurpassed clarity and beam pattern. The LED has a wide beam of 87 degrees and a rated Lamp life of 40,000 hours. With these features, the new QT-130/75HP looks set to become THE underwater light of choice for new builds and refits alike.
Also new to the range is a four colour RGBW unit, giving options for combined lighting and AV. The red, green and blue lights are added to the traditional white for maximum presence in any harbour.
The company has devised a way for owners of metal halide lighting (even from competitor products) to upgrade to the latest generation LED system, without removing the boat from the water, cutting the hull or even changing the welding or screw fitting. The QT130/75 Retro system allows owners of the BULLEYT and UL Ti MATE light systems (which the company has made since 1991), to go fully LED. The multi-coloured RGBW and Hi-powered lighting units can also be retro fitted in the same way.
Lighting mounted on fuel and ballast tanks has long been considered an extremely difficult and potentially hazardous area but the new QT 167-SA LED light circumvents this problem. Designed to be maintained and serviced from outside of the hull, these new lights have been Lloyds Approved, illustrating the safety features and attention to detail of this new product. (Installers and maintenance engineers are advised to dry dock or create list to bring the relevant area out of the water for service work on the light.)
The new light has the same luminosity and characteristics of the QT-75 with a 10,000 lumen output but with the added benefits of this ease of accessibility from hard to reach areas.
Company owner Peter Urquhart commented, “This is always an exciting time for us as we bring new products to market which we did under the critical gaze of the World’s press and prestigious boatyards at marine shows over the winter. This year we we’re particularly proud to showcase our retro fit lighting which can upgrade both our own and competitors existing lighting, bringing them up to date with the latest technology. Obviously the brilliance of the 19,000 lumens LED will attract attention but I’m also very pleased with our outside of hull accessible lighting which is a well worked up solution to this problem area.”
Images of installed boats and products are showcased on Underwater Lights Limited recently re-worked Facebook Page.
Underwater Lights Ltd products are manufactured on their own machines and assembled in their own workshops for A1 quality control and fully approved by the Lloyds Register of Shipping.
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