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13 July, 2017
F1 in Schools stars at Formula 1® world first event ‘F1 Live London’
The F1 in Schools STEM Challenge was one of the stars of a world first Formula 1® event, F1 Live London, held yesterday in the heart of London, in the iconic Trafalgar Square. Featuring Formula 1 teams, drivers and cars, a host of stars and special guest music acts, as well as the F1 Schools and Innovation Showcase, the event was a fantastic opportunity for F1 in Schools to promote the benefits and opportunities offered to students through participation in this leading global educational initiative.
F1 in Schools headlined with Formula Student and Dare to be Different in the F1 Schools and Innovation Showcase area of the event, which aimed to promote the exciting opportunities and careers open to children of all ages interested in being the next generation of leaders who want to work in Formula 1.
The 20 metres F1 in Schools racetrack was a focal point for visitors to the event, with successful F1 in Schools teams, including the 2017 UK Champions, Academy Racing, talking to interested students about their experience and hopes for the F1 in Schools World Finals 2017 that are being held in Malaysia alongside the 2017 FORMULA ONE PETRONAS MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX.
Part of the F1 in Schools showcase in Trafalgar Square was the Design and Make Area, which featured live CAD/CAM  demonstrations from Denford and Autodesk, and a chance for visitors to see how the miniature F1 in Schools cars are designed, manufactured and wind tunnel tested. The F1 in Schools areas sat alongside a display of F1 teams cars, a photo podium, driver portrait speed painting, Pirelli Pit Stop Challenge, Dare to Be Different zone and Titan, the STEM robot,
The event included one hour stage shows that ran throughout the afternoon and included interviews with F1 in Schools Founder and Chairman, Andrew Denford, along with students from 2016 F1 in Schools UK Champions, Enigma UK.
The video from the 2016 World Finals was also shown before presenter, Sam Power, visited the F1 in Schools racetrack to meet Tiro Racing and Academy Racing students and watched them race. Co-presenter Natalie Pinkham from Sky Sports F1 also interviewed George Britton, a member of the victorious 2015 F1 in Schools World Champions team from USA, Union Racing International, who is now on a placement at Williams Racing, and Harvey Williams, another F1 in Schools ‘alumni’, and currently an apprentice Engineer at Williams Racing. Throughout the day the F1 in Schools students were interviewed by numerous broadcast networks.
Andrew Denford said of the event, “Wow, what a fantastic day it has been for F1 in Schools. We never expected so many people to attend, there has been so much interest in what we do, how we’re involved with the sport and the opportunities that our students have to forge a career in Formula 1. The concept of F1 Live London was very ambitious, but it has been so well organised and given so many people the chance to experience Formula 1 and what goes on around it. We’re very proud to have been part of the first-ever F1 Live event and have enjoyed sharing our STEM Challenge with all the visitors.”
All the action from the event can be viewed at and for more information about F1 in Schools visit
About F1 in Schools
F1 in Schools is a not-for-profit company established with committed partners to provide an exciting yet challenging educational experience through the magnetic appeal of Formula One.  F1 in Schools is rapidly realising its potential of becoming the only truly global educational programme that raises awareness of Formula One among students and school children in every region, in every country, on every continent.  Spanning age ranges of 9 to19 its main objective is to help change perceptions of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for young people to develop an informed view about careers in engineering, mathematics, science, Formula One, marketing and technology.
The competition challenges students to create their own Formula One team which is commissioned to design, construct and race the fastest miniature Formula One Car of the Future; a 21cm long scale model built from a modelling block and powered by a compressed air cylinder. Each team of between three and six students creates a ‘pit’ display and showcases their work in developing their race car. At the National Finals each team brings along a pit display, their cars and portfolio, as well as having prepared a verbal presentation for the judges. The cars race on a 20 metre track, with the cars covering the distance in around one second.  The World Finals brings together the best students to compete for the coveted Bernie Ecclestone World Champions trophy and valuable university scholarships and bursaries.